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Stories from People Like You

We love to hear success stories from our customers.  Here are some of our favorites.



We had just lost our dream dog (problem-free,  non-barker, very smart) to cancer, and were approached by our vet to adopt another 1-year-old dog they had taken in.  After a few months of trying our best to learn to love our new dog, we were at our wit’s end.  What she WOULD do: chew outdoor cushions, pull on the leash, and scratch at doors.  What she WOULDN’T DO: set foot in her crate, wait patiently at the door, or heel while on-leash.  We actually called the vet, hoping for a trade-in.   The vet suggested a few dog experts (actually pet-owner experts) first.  We interviewed three, and agreed that Eureka! was the clear winner. 

Jane’s approach was very consultative, rather than following a strict formula.  She learned what was important to us, what our budget was, and came to our home to assess first-hand what we were dealing with.  Jane  instantly bonded with our pet, and we agreed that she should take our dog for a few days (not a solid week or month, as directed by the other trainers). 

Three days later, we wondered how so much could be learned by our dog.  She heels 95% of the time perfectly, RUNS into her crate when we ask, and sits patiently by the door (6 to 8 feet away) until we say OK.  Our new dog has replaced that empty spot in our family in so many ways.  Thanks, Eureka! 

RG, Denton, Texas



We adopted Tuffy from a shelter/rescue facility – Operation Kindness.  The staff named Tuffy for his surviving the terrible circumstances surrounding his ending up at the shelter.  Tuffy had been rejected and returned by 2 families before we adopted him. 

After Tuffy’s first week in our home we were losing hope he would become a part of our family.  Tuffy was avoiding, barking and growling at family members, both adult and child, as well as guests.  If it weren’t for the recommendation of Operation Kindness and the experienced, professional behavioral services rendered by “Eureka!” we would have lost a beloved member of our family. 

Any doubts we may have harbored immediately vanished within the first 5-minutes of our initial consultation.  We definitely had a “Eureka!” moment!  “Eureka!” instantly put us at ease and gave us confidence in our situation – we could do this.  Through the 4 consultations with “Eureka!” we learned how properly communicating with Tuffy was the key to his relaxing and learning to trust us.  

Our family cannot adequately express how strongly we feel about Tuffy and how indebted we are to “Eureka!”, whose exceptional services are exceeded only by the size of their hearts. 

Sincerest Thanks, 

The E___ Family



When we first got Ginger, he was a wild little dog.  He had been on his own for months after being dropped off in our neighborhood, and he deeply mistrusted people.  He would sleep outside and forage food.  Since some of the neighbors were threatening to hurt him, we corraled him in our back yard in the hopes of improving the situation.  At first, the outlook seemed dismal as the only creature Ginger liked was our other dog--he would bark, growl, and run away from my husband and I.  We didn't know what to do--we couldn't get anywhere near Ginger and he was getting territorial of the back yard--so we called Eureka.  Jane and Jan were awesome--they came out, assessed the situation, and gave us valuable information, advice, and support.  They recommended we crate train Ginger, and that was a wonderful idea.  Ginger felt comfortable with his own defined space, and it allowed him to understand the routine and to get to know us slowly.  With time, Ginger has become a great indoor-outdoor dog who enjoys being scratched, petted, and part of a loving family.  He is still shy of strangers, but that is partly his breed, and he now warms up to people quite well.  Thanks, Eureka!!


Robin C



So we had one dog (Haley) for 6 months and decided we’d like to bring another one into the family to keep her company.  We met Brindy, thought how cute she was and our only thoughts were how she would be a great addition to our home.  When we originally adopted Haley she was so sweet, slept through the night and ALWAYS went outside to do her business.  We may have been slightly naïve but we expected similar……How wrong we were!

Brindy looked (and still does) so sweet and angelic, who’d have thought about the trouble she’d bring!  She chewed everything (shoes, toys, even the sofa!), would not adapt to being house trained and trying to take her for a walk was such a battle we pretty much gave up.  We knew we didn’t want to give her up but couldn’t carry on like this so we started to look for a trainer.  I called numerous numbers I found online that ranged from people that used shock collars (albeit they called it something else) to people that thought that understanding what the dog was thinking was the way to go!

Then we found Eureka.  I called Jane and we talked for about half an hour about the issues we were having and whether Jane could help.  She suggested she could so we set up an appointment.  Jane came to our home and spent time with us and we decided to go for her Lifetime Guaranteed Solution package to help Brindy become the lady we knew she could be!  It was a very in depth training and even though Jane was firm with Brindy in what she could and couldn’t do she treated her with the patience and affection that we wanted from our trainer.  The second visit shocked us totally as the Dog that hid behind the sofa when anyone arrived ran to Jane with her tail wagging when she arrived!  Maybe discipline pays off!

Overall we were extremely pleased with Jane’s training techniques and Brindy has become a lovely Dog who we are proud to have as part of our home.  I’d like to add that while Jane is a GREAT trainer she is not a miracle worker.  If you want to get the best for your Dog you need to put the work in yourself.  My wife and I followed Jane’s instructions pretty closely and Jane was always available between appointments to offer advice.  She’s also been available at any time for us since we finished the program.

In closing I’d like to thank Eureka and particularly Jane.  Brindy is a big part of our family and you truly helped to make her that.  We would definitely use Eureka again and recommend them to any of you that are trying to decide the best way to go for your pet.

Steve and Jen, Little Elm




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