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Ice Pups
Ice Pups
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Ice Pups are one the the most unique treats available for dogs and cats!

Here's a cocoa-tin, filled with a mouth-watering powdery mix that you combine with warm water to offer a homemade 'liquid' treat to your pup or kitty!

Ice pups can be served three ways - during the winter months, offer a warm, nourishing broth that tastes divine. Ideal after playing in the snow! In summer, serve Ice Pups as a chilled refreshing beverage, or freeze the liquid in ice cube trays to make a healthy, puppy-sorbet!

Ice Pups are also highly sought-after for dogs and cats with kidney problems who benefit from increased fluid intake, as well as those with lowered appetite, post-operative recovery and as a tasty, natural 'gravy' for increased palatability in helping the transition to a new diet.

Ice Pups are nourishing and delicious – great for frosty mornings, sunny afternoons, puppy parties and post-hike hydration.

Available Sizes:

NEW! 10 oz Tin
makes about 30 trays of ice cubes


Dehydrated Chicken, Turkey, Whey, Dandelion, Asparagus, Watercress, Honey, Parsley.

Ice Pups contain no grains, by-products, salt, sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers. This product is designed for intermittent or supplemental use as a treat, not a complete meal replacement.

How to prepare :

Combine 2 heaping tablespoons of Ice Pups Mix with 1 standard measuring cup of warm (not boiling) water. Stir thoroughly and allow to cool slightly before serving as a warm both. In summer, freeze in ice cube trays, or serve the liquid as a delicious, refreshing beverage. Enjoy some frosty thank-you kisses when complete.

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