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v. Slink, Cruise, Hunt, Range, Roam, Rove.

The Honest Kitchen's first dehydrated raw cat food option. Prowl is a natural, cat food recipe specially formulated for even the fussiest of felines. A higher protein, grain-free cat food, this formula can stand alone or act as a base for your own homemade cat food diet.

Available Sizes:

4 lbs Re-closable Box
Makes 15 lbs of fresh food
2 lbs Re-closable Box
Makes 7 lbs of fresh food
6 oz Travel Size
Makes 1lb of fresh food
1 oz Mini Sample
Perfect for a taste test


Hormone-free chicken, eggs, potatoes, yams, flaxseed, zucchini, spinach, honey, cranberries, rosemary, vitamins and minerals.

Suitable for

Adult Maintenance. Prowl can also be fed to kittens, when supplemented with additional meat.

Like The Honest Kitchen's recipes for dogs, Prowl can be fed as a stand alone diet, or as a nutritionally balanced base for home made raw or cooked meals. Keep in mind, cats really enjoy a varied diet and it may be wise to rotate between several different meats as a tasty addition to Prowl, for your cat.

Just like all The Honest Kitchen’s diets, Prowl must be hydrated with warm water before serving. One tablespoon of Prowl will make about 1⁄2 oz of fresh food when hydrated.

Hydrated food is a great choice for cats since it provides them with plenty of fluid which is vital for their delicate urinary and excretory systems.

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